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Rainbow Film Nov 24, 2016

Film also known as the Rainbow of colorful colorful film, film, film, laser film the Rainbow Symphony. Rainbow films can be used alone as a single package, they can work with a wide range of material composite application:

① glitter powder, metallic, Rainbow film PET film, coating, printing, creating new and colorful magic effects, processed into metallic or glitter. Products are mainly used in Christmas gifts, clothing, Ribbon printing industry;

II paper products industry: Rainbow film coated paper or a white cardboard can be individually used in gift packaging, or compound formed Rainbow film processing can be applied to security packaging, cosmetics and gift packaging;

③ food packaging industry: mainly used in fruit of Rainbow film twist wrapper candy decorations and technology package, Rainbow films their own magic effects and transparency attributes to wrapped sweets and Rainbow film itself huanran, and has excellent Visual impact;

Black plastic industry: Rainbow film can be combined with a variety of rigid plates in furnishing, decoration of wall or curtain, enrich the color of the House plans;

⑤ fabric industry: Rainbow film with non-woven fabric made into a beautiful reusable shopping bag or curtain fabric composite into colorful optical effects on the curtains and hangings.