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Paint application Nov 24, 2016

Pearlescent pigments with good dispersion and good physical and chemical characteristics, so it is widely used in the paint industry. No matter what the color mixture of Pearlescent pigments in paints, can become a Pearlescent coating, qizhuguang and metallic luster effect is impressive. Pearlescent coatings have been used in automobiles, motorcycles, daily necessities, building materials and many other fields.

Pearlescent pigments are lamellar structures and thus wetting is simple and fast, but considering the polarity of the system of surface and the solvent or chemical properties of the medium. Pearlescent pigment chips in dispersed easily damaged, Pearlescent pigments usually simply stir to disperse. If using dispersion machine allows only a short time. Recommended dispersed pulp adding paint mixed in advance.

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